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Children & Adolescents

Prestera Center offers a family-centered, strength-based approach to services to children and adolescents experiencing behavioral, emotional, substance abuse or problems with addictions. Services include: case management, outpatient, intensive outpatient, school-based, intensive care coordination, in-home, addictions treatment, psychiatric services and psychological evaluations. 

Outpatient Services

The Children’s Outpatient services provide office-based therapy to individuals and families for children ages 4-18 who are dealing with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse issues.  Therapists engage the children and their families to develop individualized treatment plans that benefit everyone. Some individuals may continue to qualify for these services beyond the age of eighteen if they are still involved in school.  Psychiatry and psychological testing services are available.

School-Based Services

School-based services reduce barriers to learning and enhance healthy psychological development of school-age students by providing students services at public school locations.  Services include evaluations, psychological testing, therapy (individual, group or family), supportive counseling, treatment planning, case management and crisis intervention. Staff are based at public schools and attend meetings with school staff. They provide informational presentations to classrooms and faculty at local schools. 

In-Home Services

The goal of in-home services is to preserve and protect the child living with the rest of the family. In-home services teams provide case management and therapy services for children with serious emotional disorders and their families.  The in-home services therapist’s primary responsibility is to provide individual therapy and family therapy.   The in-home team provides on-going evaluations of individual strengths and needs, facilitates treatment planning meetings, links families with needed services, and serves as an advocate for the child and their family. These activities are conducted primarily in the consumer’s home but can be provided at a Prestera Center office. 

Our Mission

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