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Addictions Recovery

Prestera’s addictions treatment services is a full continuum of care that includes outpatient services, short and long term residential programs, medically monitored detoxification and transitional living programs which helps provide a safe transition for consumers reentering the community. 

Prestera Center offers mental health and addiction recovery services for individuals with co-occurring disorders. 

Prestera Center also offers the West Virginia DUI Safety and Treatment Program for the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and can provide assessments and services that meet the state requirements for becoming a licensed driver again. 

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are provided in an office setting weekly, bi-monthly or on a monthly basis. Intensive outpatient services for individuals with co-occurring mental health and addiction problems are available in Huntington and Charleston, WV.

Each treatment plan is designed to address individual needs. Prestera services help improve recovery supports and quality of life for individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction or who are using or abusing alcohol and/or other drugs. Services focus on making measurable improvements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through professional counseling services, recovery coaching and 12-step recovery support. Structured groups focus on pre-treatment needs, addiction management, recovery needs, relapse prevention, the recovery process and other identified needs. Families may or may not be involved in treatment services, depending on the preferences of the person served.

Residential Programs for Women and Women with Children

Long-term residential addictions treatment programs for women and their dependent children are offered in both Huntington and Charleston. Renaissance brings women and women with children together to support them in their life of recovery. Long-term residential addictions recovery services can last three months, six months, one year or longer. Family relationships are emphasized. Long-term residential addictions recovery services are also available to women without children.

Treatment services meet the specific needs of recovering women. Renaissance residential treatment programs are CARF Accredited to ensure the highest level of quality, professional treatment services available.

Residential Programs for Men

Prestera’s residential programs offer a variety of levels of care for adults. The residential programs are long-term (three to six months), based on progress and continuing need. Residential addictions treatment programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Services provided include family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric evaluation and psychiatric treatment and case management.

Conveniently located in Huntington, Charleston and Point Pleasant, WV, Prestera Center’s addictions treatment services offer 24-hour, state-of-the-art recovery services for men and women. These residential treatment programs are CARF Accredited to ensure the highest level of quality, professional treatment services.

Detoxification Program

Detoxification services are available through the residential crisis stabilization programs. Nurses and physicians provided medications and support throughout the withdrawal period. Continuing treatment is recommended after detox to prevent relapse.

DUI Safety and Treatment Program

The West Virginia DUI Safety and Treatment Program is offered in conjunction with the West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities and the WV Division of Motor Vehicles. The program consists of education, intervention and treatment components.

Each individual is required to complete an evaluation and, at a minimum, complete eighteen hours of required education classes held over a six-week period. Additional treatment services may be required. Individuals must successfully complete treatment goals in order to be recommended for reinstatement of their drivers license.

Visit the WV DMV website:  https://transportation.wv.gov/DMV/Drivers/safety_and_treatment/Pages/default.aspx 

DUI Open Enrollment Schedule in Huntington WV::  Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm.   

DUI Program Information General Information Brochure   

Medication Assisted Treatment

Prestera Center provides buprenorphine (for example, Suboxone®) and naltrexone (for examle, Vivitrol®) treatment to adults with physical dependence on pain killers and other opiates and opioids. Professional treatment services, regular drug tests and peer support are essential and required components of the program.

This program provides medication that helps adults beat their dependence on prescription pain killers. Suboxone® keeps the opiate receptors in the brain occupied so there is no feeling of withdrawal, cravings or being “high.”  The medication can be given for 6 to 12 months or longer.  Vivitrol® is a once-a-month injection that reduces or eliminates cravings for opioids and opiates.  Medications are most effective when combined with counseling or therapy and support services.

Recovery Housing Efficiency Apartments

Prestera’s Pinecrest addictions treatment campus at 5600 US Route Sixty East in Huntington WV (25705) accepts applications for housing from single adults with no active or current drug or alcohol use to live in permanent, safe, decent and affordable efficiency apartments. Regular drug and alcohol testing along with weekly apartment inspections is a requirement for residents. Applications are available at Pinecrest Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Clean and sober status is a requirement of residency and rent is based on income.

Prevention Services

Prestera provides prevention services through the on-going support of local volunteer substance abuse coalitions across a twelve-county area in West Virginia. The purpose of prevention services is to prevent addiction to alcohol and other drugs and prevent underage drinking through educational programs.

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