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September 30, 2015

Here you will find helpful tips and information about general health and health care, behavioral healthcare and other information. Our blog will become an ever-increasing collection of go-to content that will make mental health and wellness part of our everyday world. Check back often to see what’s new around here!

Are you getting enough sleep? How much sleep is too much sleep? What’s too little? Isn’t everyone different? Seems like everyone has advice on sleeping better or selling you a better mattress to exactly fit your magic sleep number. As if we have a magic sleep number! Sleep is how our brains recover from a busy day and how we rest our gray matter so it performs assigned functions the next day. Sleep is when memory is cleaned and cleared (some things kept, some less important things tossed out). Sleep rejuvenates our minds and our bodies. Since sleep is an important part of our ability to function, getting enough of it is important. The average adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep each night. More than you thought? Then, you might not be getting enough. Babies, children and teens need even more – 9-11 hours a night. Make sure you are getting to bed early enough to achieve an adequate amount of sleep for you each night and you’ll feel better each day. Watching the late show on TV might not be worth sacrificing your brain functioning for! Think about it, and then, sleep on it!

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