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Please Consider a Year End Gift to the Prestera Foundation

December 12, 2018

Twenty thousand:  That’s the number of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers who received high quality behavioral health care services from Prestera Center last year.  That means 20,000 promises of a better tomorrow.

West Virginia is experiencing a mental health care crisis.  Mental health hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed, substance abuse is a wide spread epidemic and as a result, the demand for high quality mental health and addiction recovery services has increased.

Please consider a donation to be a part of the Prestera Promise Campaign, ensuring the longevity of high quality services available to West Virginians.  By making a donation to the Prestera Promise Campaign, your generosity will go a long way to ensure the treatment and care of real lives needing real hope.

As an added incentive, Prestera Foundation is offering tax credits* through the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) from the State of West Virginia.  If your contribution is $500.00 or more to the Prestera Promise Campaign, we will issue you tax credits for 50% of your donation.  These tax credits will help you reduce your liability for Corporate Net Income Tax or Personal Income Tax in addition to standard federal deductions.

Thank you for your support of Prestera Center for Mental Health Services, Inc.  Please do not hesitate to contact traci.fricke@prestera.org or call 304-525-7851 ext. 1510  with any questions.

*A limited number of tax credits are available and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.


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