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Waiver Program

The Medicaid Waiver program serves individuals who have a primary problem of intellectual disabilities and/or developmental delays. Individuals with more than one diagnosis are also served if approved by the West Virginia Office of Behavioral Health Services. Services include: service coordination, respite care, agency residential habilitation services, community residential habilitation services, adult companion services, QMRP services, nursing services, day habilitation services, pre-vocational services, supported employment services and transportation services.

The program provides training in new skill areas in order to improve the quality of life and enhance independence.

Day Habilitation

The goal of day habilitation or day treatment is to model, coach, and train consumers to learn or regain skills they have lost due the effects of severe and persistent mental illness or development disability. This is done in a supportive and safe environment. Individuals work on skill deficits through specific plans executed in a structured routine.

Admission Criteria

Consumers must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability or related condition as outlined in the Title XIX MR/DD Waiver Manual. Approval for Title XIX Waiver Services must be obtained by APS Healthcare.

Family Support Services

The Prestera Center Family Support Program is part of a statewide program passed by legislation in March 1991. It is a program designed to assist families with a member with a qualified developmental disability living in their natural home. Family Support was created as a last resort to assist when other resources and programs are not available. The Family Support Program is available regardless of income or the age of the person with a disability.


Any family who resides in Boone, Cabell, Clay, Kanawha, Lincoln, Putnam or Wayne Counties in WV and has a person living in their home that has a developmental disability may be eligible. The applicant must live with family members (no group homes, hospitals).

A qualified Intellectual Disabilities diagnosis means the applicant has a diagnosis of a severe, chronic disability that is:

  • Attributed to a mental or physical impairment, or combination of mental and physical impairments
  • Manifested before the person is age twenty-two (22)
  • Likely to continue indefinitely
  • Substantially limiting functioning. In three or more of the following areas of major life activities:
    • Self Care
    • Receptive or Expressive language
    • Learning
    • Mobility
    • Self-direction
    • Capacity for independent living
    • Economic self-sufficiency

Stipend Guidelines

  • Make sure ALL blanks are filled in on the application
  • Only one item can be submitted on each application
  • Only one application can be submitted per month
  • All previous documentation must be submitted prior to this application
  • Two written estimates must be attached to the application
  • A current treatment plan, psychological, and/or doctor’s diagnosis are encouraged to be attached to the application
Download Family Support Program Application
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